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After the classical studies (Istituto Musicale Brera), harmony and composition with Roberto Gorini Falco, he begins studying jazz since his adolescence with Franco D'Andrea and Sante Palumbo. Since the 70's he performs as soloist or in many groups from the trio to the Big Band. He has recorded a LP with the Hideto Kanai Big Band during his participation as foreign guest to the "3 Blind Mice Festival of Tokyo". He has lived for a long time abroad and in particular in Paris, from 1967 to 1971, where he approached musictherapy (Istituto Superiore di Musicoterapia). In Europe he has been a student of: Gertrude Orff (Musictherapy, Orff method) – Germany Laszlo, Alice Bernath (Musictherapy, Kodaly method) – Hungary Goitre, Bianchi (Musictherapy and psychomotricity) – Italy He has worked as musictherapist and musical animator at: U.S.S.L in Novara; nurseries, primary and secondary schools in Novara; on his own in his Laboratori Musicali and Studi in via Monte S. Gabriele and via Custodi in Novara. Since 1978 he has been teaching in refresher courses for teachers, seminaries of Musictherapy, musical animation and basic music learning on behalf of the Provveditorato agli Studi of Novara, didactic directors, institutes for social assistants and specialised educators, Consigli di Quartiere, Enti, public schools. He has taught in improvisation courses, keyboards, jazz piano, modern music, electronic music and computer music at: Istituto Musicale Brera Laboratorio La Comune – Brescia Scuola di Musica A. Toscanini – Verbania Laboratorio Tiffany – Legnano Centro Culturale S. Carlo – Arona. Since 1973 he is enrolled in the S.I.A.E (Società Italiane degli Autori ed editoti) as Composer. Beside the composition in the contemporary, concrete, ambient and electronic music, he is also appreciated in the Italian and foreign pop music survey as arranger and realizer of commercial, progressive, ambient and new-age musical products (CD WORK 001 "CANTABILE – SUITE PADANA"). Expert in Communication and Psychology of music, he also works for the radio and TV publicity; among his recent creations we find the radio and TV spots for the Nuove Uscite Mondadori, on ErrePi Network, RAI and MEDIASET, Librerie Mondadori. For some years he has been experimenting forms of musical Communication and musical Interactive Listening in the multimedia ground with interdisciplinary and multimedia application of psychomotricity combined with Phono-Chromo Therapy.