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Italy in Jazz

“Italy in jazz”¬† is the new Quintetto Denner's project. It is a travel through the Italian music of the last four centuries with forays in different styles, from classical to contemporary, from opera to pop music. All this will be reread by the peculiar interpretation of the quintet ("Quintetto Denner: no strings, no drums", as Paquito D'Rivera friendly called us after the concert at the Toronto Jazz Festival in 2008). In this excursus the different music styles challange the soul of the quintetto, always suspended from classical to jazz music. The aim of this project is to spread Italian culture and its traditions through jazz, thus using a well-known musical language in order to contaminate different contexts with "molecules of Italian spirit". All the presented pieces have been arranged or composed especially for the Quintetto Denner by some of the most interesting characters of the Italian jazz survey. We have started up this project after observing the reaction of the foreign audience to pieces like "Estate" by Bruno Martino, "Stradivarius" by Carlo Alberto Rossi and others that already were in our repertoire, written by Italian authors such as Ennio Morricone, Kramer, Capua etc.. We have accurately selected, arranged, sperimented and rehearsed for three years. We have then prepared a special anthology from the Italian musical heritage that we call “Italy in jazz”, and we are proud to present it to the international audience.


Una furtiva lagrima | G. Donizetti - Arr. F. Rodolfi

Tu si 'na cosa grande | D. Modugno - Arr. W. Allifranchini

Vissi d'arte | G. Puccini - Arr. F. Rodolfi

Italian Medley #2 | C. A. Rossi, E. Morricone/E. Di Capua - Arr. F. Rodolfi

Italian Medley #3 | T. Renis/Mascheroni-Mendes/D. Modugno - Arr. F. Rodolfi