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Quintetto Denner Live in Turkey

The meeting point.

Making music, seriously, means trying to find an agreement between several artistic and existential levels. This often turns out to be a difficult operation, with a result not necessarily positive or taken for granted.
This work unequivocally represents the research and the wedding between different artistic, experiential and existential levels, the research into new synergies. The result is a product of high quality for that very reason.
On the style level this product turns out to be an atmosphere where jazz blending has not taken away the classical enjoyment of the ensamble. At the same time, the apparent rigidity of the classical quartet has opened up to the seduction of jazz, to the temptation of indefinite tones, to the colours and shadows of improvisation.
In my opinion, however, it is on the experiential and existential level that we find the greatest value of this work, which imposes with its disruptive humanity. For the Denner Quintet playing together represents the Aleph, the meeting point in which scholars of music such as Allifranchini and Rodolfi have accepted the merry challenge to compare themselves with the sons of the conservatoire, who have worked very hard to become a dialectic and trustworthy reference point.
The mixture of these purposes has created the Stimmung that we can feel above all in live performances, and that also spreads from the group even to the most passive audience.




Libertango | A. Piazzolla - Arr. F. Rodolfi

What a Wonderful World | Weiss - Arr. F. Rodolfi

Corale (*) | W. Allifranchini

Air Mail Special | B. Goodman - Arr. F. Rodolfi

Take the "A" train | B. Strayhorn - Arr. F. Rodolfi

Fuga Blues (*) | F. Patriarca

Misty | E. Garner - Arr. F. Rodolfi

Autumn Leaves | Kosma - Arr. F. Rodolfi

Blue Rondo A La Turk | D. Brubeck - Arr. F. Rodolfi

Italian Medley #1 | Martino, Garinei, Giovannini, Kramer - Arr. F. Rodolfi

(*) Brani composti per il Quintetto Denner