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"Since his adolescence he has begun studying the clarinet privately, specializing in Novara and later at the Conservatoire of Turin…. In 1954 he also began playing the alto saxophon with Bruno Canfora's orchestra. In 1956 he moved to Stockolm, where he has been influenced by some local saxophon players such as Rolf Billberg and Arne Domnerus. In 1960 he went back to Italy, where he has continued to play pop and jazz music. In 1969, during a performance at the "Capolinea" in Milan, he met the pianist Sante Palumbo, above all, the double-bass player Giorgio Buratti with whom he performed his first official jazz concert, recorded many LPs and cooperated until 1972. He then has continued to play with well-known musicians at the "Capolinea" (Mario Rusca, Giancarlo Pillot) and with Palumbo, with whom he was in 1977 at the Saint Vincent Jazz to record a LP…." (Translation of the quotation from the "Enciclopedia del Jazz Mondiale" Ed. Curcio).

During his prestigious career he has performed for many recordings and TV programmes as soloist and musician in many orchestras.

Locandina del Jazz Power.

Nella manifestazione Allifranchini è inserito tra musicisti quali: Bill Evans, Kenny Clarke, Gato Barbieri ed altri

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Allifranchini è il Novarese dell'anno

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