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Alessandro Bardella (degree at the conservatoire Vivaldi in Novara)
Giancarlo Buratti (degree at the conservatoire Venturi in Brescia)
Giorgio Rondi (degree at the conservatoire Venturi in Brescia)

The Trio Denner has performed in several shows among which the most important are: Teatro Italia- Rimini, Teatro Coccia- Novara, Sala Borsa- Novara. It has taken part to the seasons "Musica nei Cortili" and "Musica nei Quartieri" in Novara and Koblenz (Germany) and it has cooperated with the Coordinamento Novarese Per La Pace (performance in favour of ex- Yugoslavian people). Since 1998, thanks to the cooperation with Guerrino Allifranchini and Filippo Rodolfi the Trio Denner becomes Quintetto Denner.